Resident Evil Playstation 1 reproduction
Resident Evil Playstation 1 reproduction
Resident Evil Playstation 1 reproduction
Resident Evil Playstation 1 reproduction
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Resident Evil Playstation 1 reproduction

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This is the Ultimate Directors Cut version which is the best to have. 

Will need a chip or the freepsxboot memory card for it to work.

Here's everything you need to know

This is a mod of Resident Evil: Director’s Cut – DualShock Ver.
It inserts the original soundtrack back from “Resident Evil” in “Resident Evil: Director’s Cut”, meaning you get the DualShock features without the DualShock soundtrack.
The original, uncut, full-color FMVs have been inserted. They’re higher quality than the original black and white ones, too.
A new Deranged Mode replaces Arrange Mode, which condenses the Spencer Mansion while making it a much more difficult experience.
A second disc is included that replicates the Sega Saturn exclusive Battle Mode, as well as including a new Maze Mode that turns the mansion into a nonviolent labyrinth. Choose the wrong door and it’s back to the start for you.
There is one small bug that was never fixed: on Jill’s route, if you get poisoned by the Yawn, a cutscene triggers of her waking up in the infirmary save room. Should this happen, a small room with candles you have to use the Lighter on will instead warp you inside the Garden’s shed without needing to collect any Crests. As the candle room doesn’t have any plot significant items, it can be safely ignored if the Yawn poisons Jill.
Little bit of history:

The original Resident Evil came out in the west with censored black and white intro and cut-scenes. The Director’s Cut version was supposed to fix that but Capcom developers made a mistake and forgot to include the uncensored FMV (Full motion Video), i’m not kidding go read the wiki.

So they made a third a version! Director’s Cut Dual Shock Ver. This time with uncensored FMV, right? RIGHT?! Wrong. This version still comes censored, but is compatible with Dual Shock controllers and they changed the entire OST with a really awkward one known as one of the worst in gaming history.

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